About us

VaccineImpulse is an initiative to mobilize funds from individuals around the globe to financially support immunization programs. Despite considerable progress, there are still over 30 million children in low income countries without adequate access to live saving immunization.

For the first time, we provide a platform to the global community to support, at their own discretion, important public health causes by supporting immunization projects of their choice.

These immunization programs are coordinated and delivered by reputable organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO) or the Global Vaccine Alliance (GAVI), which was initiated by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Your donations go straight into vaccine delivery program of our partner organizations in the recipient countries chosen by the individual donor.

Our core values


We show the progress of the immunization programs and where your donations go.


Your donation effectively provides immunization against infectious diseases of people.

Julian Blohmke


Julian has over 12 years of experience in sustainability, renewable energy infrastructure development and as innovation strategy advisor. Ever since, he wanted to help create the world’s ecosystems to become more resilient and conserve its beauty, while empowering at the same time the weak groups in society. He is currently working as a sustainability consultant with a special focus on climate change transition and decarbonisation of corporations.

Previously he worked as academic researcher at a leading economic think-tank, as strategy advisor for renewable energy deployment in the Middle East and North Africa region, for International Organizations and in the bioeconomy space, targeting biofuels and bioplastics production.